Which Beauty Camp Are You? Why some beauty therapists are dreading the reopening of the industry!

There is an air of expectancy in the industry. We have a provisional start date!  We’ve been included in a ‘stage 2’ criteria, which hopefully means someone somewhere acknowledges that the beauty industry works in clean environments and that we also adhere to a certain standard of hygiene.  After all, don’t we always wipe down … Read more

Aftercare – what’s the point?

You’re in the beauty therapist’s room – maybe it’s a high-end salon, maybe it’s the back bedroom in someone’s house, maybe it’s a fancy-schmancy cabin in someone’s garden – and you’ve been lying there for ages. Maybe it’s been a deliciously relaxing experience and you’re so comfortable, that you just want the therapist to switch … Read more

Big Changes!

After a long struggle and much internal debating, I have finally made the big decision to start working full time for myself. It’s both terrifying and exciting at all of the same time! The decision is tinged with a touch of sadness though as I will be leaving a job that I did enjoy for … Read more

A little update

Hi Guys Wow what a busy past few weeks! But more exciting is the new courses that I have booked onto. Many people ask me for some services – I tend to pick the ones that take my fancy other than the ones that I get asked for; in my experience, I tend to work … Read more

New Services Available

I have been very busy recently adding new services to the range currently offered. At JoFo Beauty, you can now get a Brazillian or Hollywood waxing. I am also doing Gel Polish nails – these are durable, chip free and last up to 14 days and damage to the natural nail is minimal. Ideal for … Read more

Bitchy or Beauty?

This beauty business is fickle and full of therapists who seem to want to walk over others in an effort to be the best/most popular and yet there are a few out there who make the industry a pleasant place to be! They share business when they are unable to fulfill a client appointment and … Read more

Virgin Blogger!

Okay, so I had to look up the meaning of the word ‘blog’ when I saw it on the web page. Of course I’ve heard of it – I havent been living in a cave for the last few years – but hadnt really thought much about it until it came to building this website. … Read more

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