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Microblading Eyebrows

JoFo Beauty is delighted to now be offering bespoke semi permanent make up brows.  I am also a Colour Correction & Removal Specialist. My microblading training was with Phibrows, considered the worlds leading SPMU academy and its training is sought after due to being so renowned for being the best.

Microblading is the manual, semi-permanent treatment of an eyebrow shape which is drawn on, calculated by the bone morphology of your face.  Strokes are always drawn in the direction of your natural hair growth in order to achieve hyper-realistic eyebrow look and pigments are chosen to match your natural hair colour. If you don’t have any natural hair growth (e.g. if you have alopecia) then don’t worry – we can create one just for you! 

Combination Ombre Brows

I can also add in shading to give you the powdered make up look. We can tailor make the depth of colour just for you. All shading is done by machine as it is less traumatic to the skin.

Treatment is performed by using sterile steel tools.  The pigments used are highest standard – they are not tested on animals, they do not contain any heavy toxic metals or PPD. Correction is done between 4-6 weeks after the treatment – this is because 10-15% of strokes drawn can disappear. There are some factors that can affect retention – there are also some circumstances where microblading isn’t suitable for you. Please pop in for a free consultation appointment, let me take a look and I will advise you.

On average, expected time that your brows will last until new refreshment of pigment is 10 to 12 months, some times up to 18 months – every person is different.  All treatments are performed at my home salon only. I am licensed and insured for this service.  I also provide an after care kit and full instructions on how to care for your brows to achieve the best healed look.


Booking Fee £30* (*non-refundable – can be used against treatment)


Initial treatment £85 (includes full mapping & after care kit)

Top up £80 (to be completed 6-12 weeks after initial treatment)

Additional top up session if required £50 per session ~ within 12 weeks

Colour Correction – refreshing pigment £100 – within 12 months

Post 12 months – full treatment price applies 

Botched Ink

Botched Ink is a concentrated hypertonic saline solution that has been developed and manufactured right here in the UK. If you have had microblading, tattoo brows that have faded or changed colour or any SPMU work that you’re unhappy with, then please get in touch for a free brow consultation.  It is a kind and gentle yet effective treatment for removing, lifting, correcting and improving your old brows.

The concentrated saline causes the area with the pigment to dry out and then releases it from the skin.

How many sessions will I need? That depends on several factors, including how old the work is, the type of pigment used originally, how much colour saturation there is and how deep it is under the skin. The sessions need to be several months apart in order for the skin to heal. It is recommended that you have 3 sessions to see any significant changes – although improvements in colour can be seen in a little as only one session.

Saline removal is safer on the face than laser removal as it doesn’t damage your hair follicles. It can also help minimise any scar tissue that may have occurred due to the old work.

If you have had old work done and want the colour correcting, we could help with that too. 


Saline Removal £80 per session

Saline Removal & Colour Correction £250 (x3 colour lift sessions, x1 colour boost)

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